X Technical Seminar

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Hazel Kreuz, Global Lead for Chlor Alkali and Vinyls
1 - IHS

Frank Reiner, The Chlorine Institute
2 - CI Performance Indicator Report – Overview

Décio Barros, DE NORA
3 - Services in Membrane Chlor-Alkali Technology

Tamaki Soga & Yuichiro Ogata - AGC
4 - New Flemion Membranes for Zero Gap Configuration / Information of CTCN (Climate Technology Centre and Network)

Dr. Albert Zimmermann – THYSSENKRUPP
5 - Technology Services and latest improvement in product portfolio

George Brown, CHEMOURS
6 - Nafion® Membranes

Andrew Oatley - Ineos
7 - Commissioning - "Do it right"

Luis Fernando, Powell
8 - Powell Hypochlorite Production - General Information

Shane Fast, PRINCE
9 - High Performance Elastomers and Plastics for the Electrochemical Industry

Dwight Davis, W.L.Gore
10 - Liquid Filtration for Chlor-Alkali Plants

Jorge A. Guadarrama, SGL
11 - HCl production using natural gas & steam production in HCl units used for caustic Concentration Process from 32 up to 50% NaOH

Wayne Moroz, Global Sales Manager, MERSEN
12 - HCL Synthesis Unit Plant

Gabriel Chifflier, BATREC
13 - Mercury Waste Treatment and Liquid Mercury Stabilisation

Sergio Montes, ECON INDUSTRIES (EcoInterbion)
14 - On Site Mercury Stabilization Unit

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