WCC Safety Workshop

Giuliano Borlenghi, SUATRANS
Emergency Response

Flavia Mariano Pinto, UNIPAR CARBOCLORO
Process Safety

Thibaut Bettini, APPLITEK
Online process analyzers increasing safety in chlorine production

Shannon B. Fox, Ph.D. Program Manager, HOMELAND SECURITY
Jack Rabbit Project – Chlorine Release Modeling

Kevin Cook, MIDLAND
Chlorine Valves: New Technologies

Alberto Gonzalez, CONVE & AVS
Hazard Identification Process for a Chlor-Alkali Operation

Alfredo Infanzon, EFICE
Lessons Learned: the importance of Customer Stewardship

José Luis Scartascini, TRANSCLOR
Experience in Expanding the Plant with Membrane Cell Technology

Preventing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – A Chlorine Institute Perspective

Jarbas Cabral Fagundes, BRASKEM
Design review of pressure vessel manufactured in carbon steel in the 1970’s to storage liquid chlorine, in order to prevent brittle fracture

Cristian Gonzalez, ASAHI/AMERICA
Plastic materials for the use of chlor-alkali Industry

Ton Manders, Technical & Safety Director
Hydrogen in Chlorine: EURO CHLOR Experiences

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